(written by friend and colleague David J Milner)

Elliot was a Radio & Television presenter with a specific popularity in the teenage market and is widely recognised as a teen-culture specialist in the events industry. As a Security Industry expert, Elliot has been called several times as a special consultant to several levels of Government, from the Police right up to the NSW Legislative Assembly and has even had some of his recommendations written into state law.

His event management career began in 1982 when he was called upon by NSW Police, The NSW Dairy Promotions Council and Radio Station 2SM Sydney to be the technical architect of the famous “Blue Light Disco” programme, which operates all over the country generating millions of dollars for worthwhile charities and community activities every year, even today.

He has 34 years of experience in event management and 27 years of experience in the security and investigations industry. He’s twice been called to NSW Parliament House to actively participate in legislative reform and has had his recommendations with regard to teenage events written into state law. Some of his activities include…

Licensed Security Equipment Specialist (NSW)

  • Independent consultant to NSW Parliament on legislative issues relating to security, legal compliance and operational procedures concerning events and licensing
  • Consultant to the NSW State Legislative Assembly, the NSW Police Academy and the media
  • Leading authority in NSW in relation to social events for minors

Specialities include…

Security, logistics, venue and banqueting coordination, broadcast media and operational team management across all disciplines

  • Event management including venue liaison, floor plan and layout design, secure check points and safe evacuations
  • Security equipment specialist – alcohol & drug testing, metal detection, thermal imaging, search and seizure, contraband detection
  • Coordinating operational procedures
  • Media relations
  • Police and government liaison.

He’s regarded as a specialist in functions and major events, major venues, event security and teenage marketing.

There is no other person in this state with his level of experience in conducting every aspect of High School Formals and Minor’s Functions. He is considered the consultant of choice for the media and is first contact for media agencies wishing to conduct any story relating to the High School Formal market and has been quoted here, and abroad, for TV, Radio and Press stories year after year.

He’s spoken on live, national breakfast television as the foremost expert on the subject of school formals, and has run workshops on harm minimisation and liability exposure issues at the NSW Secondary Deputy Principal’s Association Conference.

Elliot’s proven methodology for teen event management is currently the only model accepted in three states as best practice for the industry. I’ve been to events that were conducted without Elliot’s systems, and I’ve been to some that he’s supervised personally. I can tell you that the obvious differences are striking. Working without his methodology is inviting chaos and disaster. Working within it delivers smooth, fun enjoyable and above all “perfect” results every time.

Elliot currently holds the following related positions…

  • Director of Operations for “Prom Night Events” (
  • Media Consultant; Event Manager; Security Consultant for “CPSIIG” (
  • Research Analyst & Director for “ELK & Sons Consolidated” (